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1. 210894 Substitute resolution relating to the appropriation of the remainder of the first tranche of American Rescue Plan Act funds.

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    Jennifer Evans 3 months ago

    To avoid climate disaster and irreversible damage to our planet, we must reduce global greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2030, and 100% by 2050. That only gives us eight years to meet that first benchmark.

    Perhaps you see that we have more immediate concerns to deal with, including housing, violence, and hunger. I share your concerns. But I am also aware that climate change has a multiplier effect. The direct effect of climate change will exacerbate these problems.

    It is essential that ARPA funds be targeted to those programs, such as home energy efficiency, transit services, green infrastructure, and training for green jobs, that will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and aid the transition to a green economy.

    The most recent report from the IPCC is clear. This is, to quote UN Secretary-General António Guterres,
    ..a code red for humanity. The alarm bells are deafening, and the evidence is irrefutable: greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel burning and deforestation are choking our planet and putting billions of people at immediate risk. Global heating is affecting every region on Earth, with many of the changes becoming irreversible.

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    Karen Lemke 3 months ago

    Omnibus Resolution sponsored by Alders Murphy & Johnson; the Omnibus Resolution sponsored by Alder Zamaripa; the Omnibus Resolution sponsored by Alders Perez and Dimitrijevic; and in Amendment #7 (Century City Green Energy Jobs) by Kovac; Amendment #9 (Modular Home Manufacturing) by Kovac; Amendment #11 (Energy Efficiency Upgrades) by Dimitrijevic; Amendment #22 (Skillful Transitions Jobs Training by Kovac & Perez; and Amendment #23 (Employment and Job Training) by Johnson.

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    Lamont Smith 3 months ago

    Amendment 40 to the ARPA budget proposal is for $13,309,001 to be allocated to early childhood education initiatives.

    Although early childhood education is an important issue, without a well-formed State policy on early childhood education (ECE), this proposal does not appear sustainable or a responsible use of public funds. There are several places in this proposal where one may question whether public funds should be used to create specific entitlements for specific occupations.

    As a City of Milwaukee resident of the 10th District, among the proposed uses of ARPA funds, I strongly support the Violence Prevention Response (50), Universal Basic Income (43), Neighborhood Beautification (13), General Affordable Housing (14 - 15), 32 - 34), Earn and Learn (37), Business Cooperative Program (38). These proposals can be transformative among the programming in the ARPA budget and achieve broad based benefits for City of Milwaukee residents at large in this time of great need.

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    Athena Turner 3 months ago

    As a Milwaukee native and parent I support proposal 56 for Triple P. Parent connections, Cafe's along with Triple P has a multitude of educational strategies that are essential for at risk children, low income families and eductors. Once I started applying the strategies and techniques for myself I noticed not only a great change in my parent model but also my interactions and perspectives of other parenting models within my community. With that I grant my support

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    Robert Kraig 3 months ago

    The transition to a new green economy offers a generational opportunity to both meet the city’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in response to the worsening climate crisis and restore the middle class jobs and racial economic equity of the manufacturing economy. But we have this opportunity only if Milwaukee adopts bold and forward looking strategies. Action now is essential, as we have an 8 year deadline to cut greenhouse emissions in half, and racial inequality in Milwaukee continues to get worse. Citizen Action of Wisconsin believes that some of the key elements of such a strategy are contained within the Omnibus Resolution sponsored by Alders Murphy & Johnson; the Omnibus Resolution sponsored by Alder Zamaripa; the Omnibus Resolution sponsored by Alders Perez and Dimitrijevic; and in Amendment #7 (Century City Green Energy Jobs) by Kovac; Amendment #9 (Modular Home Manufacturing) by Kovac; Amendment #11 (Energy Efficiency Upgrades) by Dimitrijevic; Amendment #22 (Skillful Transitions Jobs Training by Kovac & Perez; and Amendment #23 (Employment and Job Training) by Johnson. (additional elaboration provided in 2nd comment), Robert Kraig, Citizen Action WI

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    Alex Larson 3 months ago

    The first thing I'd like to discuss is the talk that will happen about the year-over-year crime increase that the City has seen. In discussing this increase, even with our policing expenditure level as high as it has remained, this crime increase still occurred. The truth is that the police don’t prevent crime, they respond to it. The safest communities do not have the most police, they have the most resources. Not another cent of this ARPA money should be allocated to the MPD. We need proposal #42, for a participatory budgeting process, so the community can have a direct say in where our tax dollars go, to fund new solutions that aren't policing.

    Community-based violence prevention efforts is crime prevention. Access to affordable housing and an equity stake in your community is crime prevention. Pathways to economic opportunity, in a inner city which has largely been deindustrialized, is crime prevention. So, I also want to voice support to proposals #17 and #50. A proposal like #17 is in need of a workforce development piece, and a City-run rent-to-own program. Combined they would build up economic opportunity, by building up trades, and keep equity in the community.

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    Yimma Davila Castro 3 months ago

    As a Milwaukee resident, I support proposals 1, 3, and 40 to invest in the City’s child care sector. Quality child care allows parents of young children to participate in workforce and is the best investment we can make in children’s readiness for school, work, and life. But the child care sector has been hit hard by the pandemic, with 200 programs closing their doors. Child care programs are struggling to recruit and retain staff which means that they can’t provide quality care and education to all families that need it. With American Rescue Plan funds, City of Milwaukee leaders have a historic opportunity to invest directly in the child care workforce, which will allow the parents of young children to participate in the workforce and ensure that Milwaukee’s children and families get the economic, academic, and social benefits of quality child care.”

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    Diana Altstadt 3 months ago

    As a constituent working in the Emergency Department of St. Joe's hospital, I support using ARPA money to simultaneously reduce fossil fuel emissions AND to address racial inequality in regards to health care outcomes and economic opportunities. As Sammy Roth writes in the LA Times about the economic benefits of getting off fossil fuels just in the U.S., “in terms of lives saved, hospital visits avoided and workdays not lost due to illness or deaths—would exceed $700 billion per year." Specifically, I support the development of good-paying jobs for communities that have never recovered from deindustrialization through proposals: #7, #9, #38 and #74

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    Rafael smith 3 months ago

    As a member of the Milwaukee City-County Task Force on Climate and Economic Equity and Chairman of the Jobs and Equity Work Group, I urge the Common Council to support proposals that will not only help us meet the goals of the Paris Accords (45% cut in emission by 2030 and 100% renewable energies by 2050) that the city sign on to in 2016 but also make a serious downpayment toward racial equality in Milwaukee. Many parts of our city have been in economic depression conditions for close to a half-century with no end in sight unless we are intentional about making investments not only with our words but also with our resources. The American Recuse Plan Act (ARPA) funding is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am afraid if we aren't purposeful about how we allocate the money, we will condemn many of our residents, especially those of color, to lifetimes of despair and continued neglect

    It is my belief that proposals 2, 3, 9, 11, 22, 23, 74 in combination with a robust transitional jobs program can begin to move us towards a more equitable city for those most impacted by deindustrialization and its consequences. A debt is owed and the time is now to pay.

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    Kathy Harris 3 months ago

    All hands on deck, working to #EndGunViolence. @MayorofMKE and @CavalierJohnson please join @GovEvers’s and support 8.4M to fully fund Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention. Promoting peace is not enough, support has to be behind it.

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    Carrie Williams 3 months ago

    As a resident of Milwaukee and A mother of two I’m afraid every day that my children walk out the door, it’s a shame that I get worried when my phone rings during school hours because it isn’t safe to send your kids to school anymore. Our city is in a critical crisis when it comes to violence right now and we all should agree on that, so it would be a shame if the city doesn’t fully match the governor’s investment of 8.4mil. Please we’re crying out for help, I fully support everything the OVP item #50 stands for

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    Heiner Giese 3 months ago

    Re: ARPA # 34 – Support for the Milwaukee Rental Housing Resource Center
    The Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc. (AASEW) strongly supports this funding (sponsored by Ald. Johnson). We are proud to be a partner/member of the RHRC as the key trade organization representing rental housing providers in Milwaukee.
    The work of the RHRC has received national attention, especially in regard to the cooperative effort between tenant and landlord interests to reduce court-filed evictions and to promote mediation as the solution for housing tensions. Unlike in some other cities or states the housing partners of the RHRC reject a policy by landlords to “evict right away” if a tenant does not pay and a policy by national tenant advocates, such as the Eviction Lab, that a rental dispute must be settled by a “fight in court.”
    We would emphasize that the $1,200,000 proposed will help sustain the RHRC for four years and is a very modest percentage of the total ARPA expenditures proposed to support housing.
    Submitted on behalf of the Board of Directors of the AASEW
    Heiner Giese, Legal Counsel and Lobbyist

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    Crystal Jones 3 months ago

    I support Everything that OVP stand for and the work they are doing. I am in full support and agreement of OVP receiving the monetary support necessary to keep the program as successful as possible. I urge the council to grant OVP the 8.4mil that was requested, in ARPA funds. We need OVP operating at full capacity as a resource within our community as much as we need oxygen. Please do not let us down!
    Thank you in advance.

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    Thomasina Jenkins 3 months ago

    Although there are many important items to support, violence prevention and healing are critical to the future of Milwaukee. The future of Milwaukee is connected to the well-being of it's people.
    Fully fund #50 (Coggs)OVP, too many lives have been lost and too many residents have been traumatized!
    Thank You
    Thomasina Jenkins, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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    Kia Holloway 3 months ago

    I am full support of OVP item #50. The work that OVP does in this city is vita. As a Licensed mental health therapist who has had the privilege of working along side them, I have seen first hand the amazing work and effort being put forth. The amount of trauma that the residents of this city has endured is high and healing is needed. Having the resources to continue working with this community is essential!

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    Karen Samelson 3 months ago

    I urge you to consider environmental, especially environmental justice, ramifications of your budget decisions for the health of our city, our state and our planet.
    Specifically I am writing in support of the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) to coordinate energy efficiency upgrades and lead abatement, prioritizing low-income households.
    I am especially in favor of ARPA#74 (Johnson) $5 million to provide energy efficiency upgrades to low-income families in underserved areas; ARPA#7 (Kovac) $2.7 million for a Green Jobs Accelerator as recommended by the City-County Task Force on Climate & Economic Equity Jobs & Equity work group; and ARPA#12(Dimitrijevic) to Improve the Urban Tree Canopy and Increase Climate Resilience.
    I also am in favor of expanded bike lanes that can help people without cars get to work and also be used for recreation and wellness by all residents.
    This is an important opportunity to help low-income and minority residents while also helping the planet. Thank you.

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    Sara Saunders 3 months ago

    I support item #50. OPV is essential to this city. I ask that yoy fund this program so they can continue healing this city. Milwaukee is a traumatized city and it takes a village aide in the healing of our community. OVP is already a part of the village, please allow them to continue being a part of our village at an even greater capacity. Thank you.

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    Ted Kraig 3 months ago

    As a member of the Milwaukee City County Task Force on Climate and Economic Equity, I ask the Common Council to approve proposals that help move the needle on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and racial inequality. With the creation of the Task Force, the City rightly made huge commitments in this area. The clock is ticking and we are running out of time to stop a climate catastrophe. We must put our money where our mouths are and invest to dramatically reduce emissions immediately. A large percentage of the American Rescue Plan money should be dedicated for this purpose.

    A large transitional jobs program is needed to help residents with barriers to employment who are chronically unemployed or have an inconsistent work history. Climate investments in energy efficient housing (proposals #2, #3, #9, #11, #22, #23, #74), green infrastructure that retains water and carbon (proposal #12), safer walkable/bike)able streets (proposal #66) and the like are a golden opportunity for a transitional jobs program to be done on a large enough scale to make a difference.

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    Karen Villanueva 3 months ago

    As a Milwaukee resident, I am writing in support of proposal #56 to increase parenting education and family support program known as Triple-P (Positive Parenting Program) in the city of Milwaukee. Triple P is a family support system with tools for parents to help develop more positive relationship with their children.

    During the pandemic families has been under stress, tension and anxiety. By increasing access to Triple P we believe we can help parents to manage their parent concerns, and to build a stronger and happier families. Supporting parents and caregivers is essential to improving the well-being and resiliency of communities. In Milwaukee that well-being and resiliency is tantamount given the exponential increase in violence over the last 2 years the city has experienced. Triple P is not a silver bullet to solve community and family violence, however is it one tactic in a much broader violence prevention and intervention strategy.

    The City of Milwaukee has an incredible opportunity to invest in families, and help parents build their own capacity to grow strong, resilient children. When our City invests in parents, we are investing in our future.

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    Courtney Towne 3 months ago

    As an Implementation Consultant for the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, I write in support of ARPA proposal #56 (Johnson) which would expand access in Milwaukee to the evidence-based parenting program, Triple P. Building on existing successes by our partners at Children’s Wisconsin and The Parenting Network; this proposal would assure access for many more of Milwaukee’s families hit hardest by the pandemic offering both direct support as well as access to the Triple P Online course. The pandemic has put significant strain on many children and families as their routines, social connections, finances, and mental health have all been impacted. We know the wait-lists for behavioral health are booked out months in advance while families need help today. This proposal would quickly provide access to much needed support, building on the existing infrastructure for program delivery in the city.