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210888 Communication relating to public comments on the Mayor's Proposed Executive Budget for 2022 (Joint Public Hearing).

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    Reggie Moore over 1 year ago

    Last year Milwaukee experienced a record breaking level of homicides and non-fatal shootings. Unfortunately this year is on track to be even worse. As the former Director of the Office of Violence Prevention and someone who continues to advocate on this issue at a local, state. and national level, I am disgusted at the level of city investment in violence prevention reflected in the Mayors proposed budget and ARPA proposal. If you looked at the proposed budget alone, you wouldn't believe that our city is in a state of emergency as it relates to gun violence. As of today, Milwaukee has had 693 non fatal shootings this year compared to 549 at this time last year. As a city, we engaged the community in building a movement for violence prevention driven by the Blueprint for Peace that COINCIDED with a steady four year decline in gun violence between 2016-2019. The pandemic has resulted in a new low for public safety in our city that requires bold and significant investment in violence prevention that includes youth engagement, strengthening families, mental health, and suicide prevention. OVP's city budget should not be supplanted by ARPA funding but enhanced by it. - Reggie Moore