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Agenda Item

1. 200491 Communication from various agencies relating to the deployment of irregular federal agents to the City of Milwaukee.

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    Michele Hilbert about 2 years ago

    I fully support the legislators who are fighting against this oppressive federal presence in our city. This is a huge misuse of taxpayer money. If the federal government really wants to help (which I don’t personally believe is the motive here but let’s go with good intentions), there are many other heathy ways to use our resources. They could instead support housing, healthcare, and good green jobs in our city. All of our leaders should be standing up to this aggressive federal prisons. Thank you to all those already stood up on the side of justice.

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    Jamison Waeltz about 2 years ago

    Please send help!! No confidence in wisconsin (democrat) leadership to keep us safe!!

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    Kim Poole about 2 years ago

    We need the help, Milwaukee is dangerous and the tax base WILL flee. I walked to the store last summer in the morning and a woman stopped me bleeding from her skull from a mugging on Burleigh. I live right off MLK Drive so I got into her car and assisted her in navigating to the police department. Every day I see people with no plates fly through stop lights but cops have to handle them with kid gloves lest they be called racist. Tired of it. Crime is crime, crack down and get them locked up!

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    Kuba Tordoff about 2 years ago

    I support the federal agents in Milwaukee. The crime in Milwaukee has been awful and it keeps getting worse. I'd like to wake up in the morning and not hear about a shooting. We could use all the help we can get at this point. Criminals are running all over this city. Families don't feel safe. Let's clean up the streets.

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    Elizabeth Sutton about 2 years ago

    As someone else mentioned the support/opposed buttons are misleading on this agenda item. I strongly oppose federal agents in Milwaukee. While there are definitely issues within our community; turning the streets into a police state is not the solution. Any federal resources should be used to provide solutions to the underlying issues plaguing the community not just treating a symptom, in this case crime and violence.

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    Kirk Dys about 2 years ago

    You people have failed to protect the law abiding public so I welcome federal troops. You call them protesters. One rock thrown, one window broke and they are no longer protesters, they are criminals. I think the people being looted or vandalized will be glad for some protection. If you elected officials did what you are paid for, from the governor to the mayor to the police chief, there would be no federal officers coming. I think if you people don’t get this crap under control martial law will be declared. Get your crap together or your days as elected officials are numbered.

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    Tracy Herrmann about 2 years ago

    I strongly oppose federal agents coming to the city

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    Joann Samplaski about 2 years ago

    The city of Milwaukee has become a free for all. People are afraid to come here. The riots, shootings, arson, people smashing their cars into other cars / motor cycles because of the color of their shin. It is clears to me the government that runs Milwaukee cannot control the actions of these violent people. It is time to get some real help! I hear fireworks and wonder if it is gun shots, I hear sirens and wonder who has been shot or who started who's house on fire.

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    Jason Kern about 2 years ago

    Federal Homeland Security agents acting on behalf of 45 should not be welcomed or allowed.

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    Kristin Somer about 2 years ago

    Welcome the federal agents. The homicide rate and gun violence in the city is troubling and the mayor and common council do not seem to care.
    Why not accept what I understand is going to be “behind the scene” assistance from the agents.
    Stop pushing the rhetoric that badge=bad.
    Also, with the DNC quickly approaching why not have those additional resources on site should any serious situations happen?
    The last thing Milwaukee “leaders” should want is for Milwaukee to turn into the next Chicago.
    Support your police, support our agents and accept the fact that Milwaukee needs help.

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    Kristin Strunk about 2 years ago

    This is a completely unacceptable action of the Federal government. Is it clearly an act that is intended to intimidate people.

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    Nicole Gahl about 2 years ago

    I am extremely troubled by federal agents coming to Milwaukee. If the behavior in Portland is any prediction of what will happen then we need to find solutions now. We can not let that happen in Milwaukee. Our city does not need violence and fear. Federal agents are not needed here.

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    Ian Gunther about 2 years ago

    Action taken by city officials to de-escalate tensions in Milwaukee have shown to be successful. The elimination of curfew measures and the withdrawal of the National Guard presence in Milwaukee served well to draw down conflict between the people of Milwaukee and the authorities. An increased presence of aggressive law enforcement will only serve to inflame tensions again which will result in violence and destruction of property. If the city of Milwaukee does not act decisively and litigiously against federal agitation, we will no doubt see unrest and upheaval strangle the city again.

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    Amanda Avalos about 2 years ago

    I strongly oppose federal agents coming into Milwaukee. We don’t even want the militarized police force that’s already here.

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    Peter Unnasch about 2 years ago

    Please note that several of the responses are misleading, with some marking "Support" to show support for Opposing Federal resources, and others marking "Support" to show support For Federal resources. I would hope that some straightforward communication could take place between our city and federal resources at some point simply to ensure that due diligence is done for any future security needs.

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    Anthony Doran about 2 years ago

    I support the federal police coming in to clean up the homicides in the city of Milwaukee. Shootings are out of control . Let's get a handle on the violence in certain parts of the city. Not enough is being done . I don't feel safe walking the street's of Milwaukee. Thanks I will be listening. Your taking away police resources and crime is getting worse . Maybe the Fed's can help . There not here to stop protesters. There here to get a handle on the shootings and homicides. Let the Fed's help Milwaukee is out of control when it comes crimes. Thanks.

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    Megan OHalloran about 2 years ago

    I oppose federal agents coming to Milwaukee.

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    lucille tamm about 2 years ago

    We do not need undisciplined unidentified " militia" deployed by Donald Trump to interfere with our attempts to make a safer more just place for all our citizens.

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    Ss Ss about 2 years ago

    Milwaukee is spiraling out of control with shootings, homicides, drugs, & reckless driving. The Mayor doesn’t care and the Common Council doesn’t care, so why would they accept any sort of aid from ANY law enforcement. Milwaukee needs help because it’s officials are unqualified to lead this City.

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    Amanda Bartelt about 2 years ago

    I oppose that the Common Council needs a meeting on this. The Feds should be allowed in ( and note, if it's a federal offense then they already have jurisdiction over county and city). The Feds need to come in and clean up the mess that the Common Council, Mayor Barrett, and Governor Evers have created!